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Inhibition Enhances Memory Capacity: Optimal Feedback, Transient Replay and Oscillations

J Comput Neurosci 34: 125-136

Authors/Editors: Kammerer A
Tejero-Cantero A
Leibold C
Publication Date: 2013
Type of Publication: Journal Articles 2001 - 2018


Recurring sequences of neuronal activation in the hippocampus are a candidate for a neurophysiological correlate of episodic memory. Here, we discuss a mean-field theory for such spike sequences in phase space and show how they become unstable when the neuronal network operates at maximum memory capacity. We find that inhibitory feedback rescues replay of the sequences, giving rise to oscillations and thereby enhancing the network's capacity. We further argue that transient sequences in an overloaded network with feedback inhibition may provide a mechanistic picture of memory-related neuronal activity during hippocampal sharp-wave ripple complexes.

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