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The influence of locomotion on sensory processing and its underlying neuronal circuits

Neuroforum 24: A1-A10

Authors/Editors: Busse L
Publication Date: 2018
Type of Publication: Journal Articles 2010 - 2019


Processing of sensory information can be modulated in both cortex and thalamus by behavioral context, such as locomotion. During active behaviors, coding of sensory stimuli and perception are improved, in particular during physical activity of moderate intensity. These locomotion-related modulations seem to arise from a combination of mechanisms, including neuromodulation, the recruitment of inhibitory interneurons, and specific top-down or motor-related inputs. The application of new experimental methods in mice during walking under head-fixation on treadmills made it possible to study the circuit and cellular basis underlying modulations by behavioral context with unprecedented detail. This article reviews the current state of these studies and highlights some important open questions.