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The tertiary gustatory center in sunfishes is not nucleus glomerulosus

Neurosci Lett 86: 6-10

Authors/Editors: Wullimann MF
Publication Date: 1988
Type of Publication: Journal Articles 1976 - 2000
Injection of horseradish peroxidase into the secondary gustatory nucleus of the green sunfish, Lepomis cyanellus, resulted in retrogradely filled neurons bilaterally in the viscerosensory column of the brainstem and in anterograde transport revealing ipsilateral terminal fields in the preglomerular tertiary gustatory nucleus, the nucleus of the torus lateralis and the central and periventricular nucleus of the inferior lobe. Thus, the glomerular nucleus of percomorph teleosts is not a tertiary gustatory center. It is proposed that the term 'nucleus glomerulosus' be reserved for the nucleus involved with vision and that the preglomerular subdivision involved in gustation be termed 'nucleus gustatorius tertius'.

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