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Early postembryonic neural development in the zebrafish: a 3-D reconstruction of forebrain proliferation zones shows their relation to prosomeres

Eur J Morphol 37: 117-21

Authors/Editors: Wullimann MF
Puelles L
Wicht H
Publication Date: 1999
Type of Publication: Journal Articles 1976 - 2000
Based on a section-by-section analysis of the morphology (combined silver/Nissl stain) and of the distribution of proliferation zones (immunohistochemical detection of the proliferating cell nuclear antigen) in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) forebrain at 5 days postfertilization, we created a three-dimensional reconstruction of proliferation zones of that developmental stage. The resulting model visualizes the size, number, location and morphology of forebrain proliferation zones. The latter foreshadow closely adult neuroanatomical forebrain entities. Furthermore, the detailed distribution of proliferation zones in the posterior forebrain - but not in the more anterior secondary prosencephalon - supports a segmental prosomeric organization.

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