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Anton Sirota (CIN Tübingen)

New W3-Professor for 'Cognition and Neural Plasticity'


Anton Sirota (CIN Tübingen) has accepted the offer from LMU for the new W3-Chair for "Cognition and Neural Plasticity", which links the Bernstein Center Munich with the Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (SyNergy). Prof. Sirota's research focuses on the mechanisms with which neural circuits process information to perform complex behaviors. He approaches this problem by studying basic mechanisms of spatial navigation, learning and memory consolidation. This implies studying the brain at multiple levels, from neural circuits and their computational function to high-level cognitive and physiological functions such as attention, memory and sleep. To achieve this goal state-of-the-art techniques are used and developed concerning both, theory and experiments. The research of Prof. Sirota will greatly benefit from as well as compliment the diverse Munich neuroscience community, in particular the Bernstein Center and SyNergy Cluster.