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Álvaro Tejero-Cantero takes up LMU Research Fellowship

Álvaro Tejero-Cantero (Medical Research Council, University of Oxford) has been awarded an LMU Research Fellowship to conduct an independent research program at the Chair for Computational Neuroscience (Andreas Herz). He will start in April 2015.



Álvaro Tejero-Cantero is leaving his position as Optogenetics and Neuroinformatics Research Fellow at the Medical Research Council in the University of Oxford to become an LMU Research Fellow.

The attractively endowed LMU Research Fellowship was created to recruit excellent junior academics to conduct an independent research program with mentorship and support from a LMU professor.

Álvaro will be working in the group of Prof. Andreas Herz (Chair for Computational Neuroscience) and join the LMU Center for Advanced Studies.



Multisite recording pointsÁlvaro is interested in how the brain associates events to space and time and weaves them into sequences that settle into memory as stories. In order to uncover sequential structure in neural signals and find how they relate to space, time or content he is using state of the art machine learning techniques and network science; conversely, to understand how populations of neurons activate sequentially he turns to dynamical systems theory and simulations of spiking networks. His research will enrich and benefit from the Munich community and research environment, including the
Bernstein Center

SyNergy Cluster
SFB 870
German Neuroinformatics Node
Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences