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Research Groups

  • Pepe Alcami


    Neurobiological computations and natural behavior more

  • Laura Busse

    Laura Busse

    Neural circuits of visual perception
    Visual perception does not constitute a 1:1 representation of our environment, but heavily depends on context. Context can be provided by many sources, including other sensory stimuli, behavioral goals or past experiences.
    What are the neural circuits of the visual system mediating such contextual processing?
    What is the role of feedback? more

  • Benedikt Grothe


    Auditory processing:
    two basic tasks:
    1. Sound localization and
    2. Sound recognition. more

  • Andreas Herz

    Grid cell

    We use a broad range of computational methods to address various neurobiological questions and develop simplified phenomenological models that are amenable to exact mathematical analysis and quantitative interpretation.

    Current foci:
    - neural basis of spatial navigation
    - interaction of cell-intrinsic and network dynamics more

  • Steffen Katzner

    Research group Steffen Katzner

    Neural basis of visual behavior more

  • David Keays

    David Keays

    Sensory and Developmental Neuroscience
    - Magnetoreception: Molecules, Cells and Circuits.
    - Electroreception in Monotremes
    - Microtubules and Neurodevelopmental Disease more

  • Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug


    Function and Mechanisms of activity-dependent Neuromodulation more

  • Lars Kunz

    Research group Lars Kunz

    - Metabolic cost of neuronal activity
    - Establishing optogenetic & viral tools in the Mongolian gerbil
    - The endocannabinoid system in development & modulation of neuronal function
    - Electrophysiological characterisation of astrocytes proliferating in acute brain injury
    - Function of ion channels & neurotransmitters in the mammalian gonads more

  • Wiktor Młynarski

    LMU_WWWAsset 6@3x

    Our group explores theoretical principles of neural computations with a particular focus on sensory systems. more

  • Michael Pecka

    Graphical Abstract_Amaro

    From sensory circuits to decisions: Active sensing during natural behavior more

  • Anton Sirota

    Research group Anton Sirota

    Neural systems and circuits mechanisms of learning and memory consolidation in rodents
    - Oscillatory network dynamics in cortico-hippocampal circuits during learning and sleep
    - Hippocampal population coding for space and memory
    - Multichannel electrophysiology, optogenetic manipulation and imaging of the neural activity, quantitative analysis of rodent behavior, virtual reality more

  • Hans Straka

    Research Hans Straka

    Sensory-motor transformation underlying visuo-vestibular signal processing
    - Ontogenetic development of vestibular function
    - Role of intrinsic locomotor efference copy for gaze stabilization
    - Comparative aspects of vestibulo-motor organization in Xenopus and Axolotl
    - Ontogenetic plasticity of extraocular motor function
    - Vestibular origin of scoliotic deformations more

  • Thomas Wachtler


    Neural mechanisms of processing, representation and perception in vision more